VITAL MX: A New Generation Handlebar!

VITAL MX: A New Generation Handlebar!

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ACD RACING PARTS Introduces the Swingbar: A New Generation Handlebar Using the Latest Technology and Aeronautical Material.

ACD Racing Parts, manufacturer of accessories and parts for MX, enduro and trail motorcycles, presents the innovative Swingbar handlebar. In its initial phase, will be available for MX and enduro bikes and promises to guarantee its riders extreme resistance, unmatched comfort, improved control and stability, quick and easy repair and the option to customize the riding position.
From its headquarters in Girona, Spain, ACD Racing Parts has made its mark in global markets with presence in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Clients, such as Yamaha, Honda, KTM and Kymco have consolidated the brand's reputation and recognition in the industry. 
Behind the design of the SWINGBAR is Cédric Choffat, CEO of the company, with more than 3 decades of experience in the Off-Road sector, as a former rider in regional and national competitions in France. His knowledge of the sport and the needs of riders is reflected in every detail of this innovative handlebar.



Advantages tailored to the real needs of riders
The SWINGBAR is made with high-strength aeronautical aluminum, being the only product off its kind made from alloy 7075. This combination is stronger than what it is typically used in the industry as it prevents tube bending and gives the handlebars their exceptional impact resistance, allowing riders to face the most challenging situations with absolute confidence.


The SWINGBAR reduces hand and forearm fatigue and pain (Arm Pump) thanks to its two shock absorbers that reduce vibrations when riding over rough terrain, as well as when doing jump receptions. It protects your scaphoids by reducing the possibility of breakage, providing greater comfort, improved control and reduced fatigue during use which significantly reduces the risk of accidents.  


Weighing 1075 grams the SWINGBAR is evenly distributed over the full width of the bar, reducing the shimmy effect.  

SWINGBAR modular design is one of his pillars: it offers different geometries that allow adjusting the angles and heights of the cockpit. All this is achieved by simply replacing the two pieces that interconnect the tubes, allowing each rider to find his or her ideal riding position. Thanks to their two m6 threads, the connecting pieces are designed to receive accessories such as camera supports, GPS support, rear-view mirrors, etc.
The SWINGBAR also stands out for its ease of transport. Its geometry allows the handlebar ends to be removed, making it easier to move the bike in vehicles with limited width, providing space for spare parts. In the event of a crash, a single tool, the Allen key, allows quick and easy repairs. Thanks to the insertable nut, it is extremely easy to replace a part, making the replacement process even easier and faster.
The quick repair of the SWINGBAR is also a "game changer" for Off Road riders, allowing them to reduce time. A great advantage between two legs with little time to change the handlebar. In addition, it is economical in the long run, as the parts are sold separately without the need to replace the entire handlebar. In case of damage just replace the affected parts.
Next: The Trail-Adventure
ACD is already in the prototyping phase for the Trail-Adventure segment versions to be launched on the market in the next months.
The opportunity to improve your Off-Road experience.
Renowned riders have been testing the SWINGBAR at the highest level for more than 1 year. Their comments, unanimously positive, highlight that this handlebar will transform the experience of Off-Road riders thanks to its numerous benefits. Likewise, specialized Off-Road press has tested it with extremely satisfactory results.
Do not miss the opportunity to purchase the SWINGBAR special price of only 249€ through the following link
Enhance your Off-Road experience with the SWINGBAR from ACD Racing Parts!

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